Wild Health has created their own proprietary DNA Kit that reports on specific genetic SNPs that physicians have hand selected based on their importance to health, wellness, and human potential. These SNPs affect blood vessels, nutrient absorption, nerve function, performance, fatigue, and many other functions. Wild Health sequences your DNA so that we can analyze the genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages that make up your human operating system. Knowing this code is critical to optimizing your health.

This is a saliva test that you can complete in the comfort of your home. You simply spit into the tube and package it per the instructions in the kit. You will then return this to the lab with prepaid postage on the box. You will not register this kit, as this kit is specifically assigned to you.

This is a proprietary test that looks at the finest level of detail of specific genes that are pivotal to your health, SNPs. Their physicians have hand-selected the SNPs included in this test. Use of raw data from other DNA kits will likely leave out a lot of important information and leave you with partial data. Therefore, at this time, we are unable to deduct costs if you already have your own DNA data.

Immediately after signing up, you will be prompted to complete a health survey. This survey is pivotal in helping us build a foundation for your personalized care and pairing you with the best Health Coach for your individual needs. If you bypassed this step at sign up, you will receive a link to the survey in a confirmation email. You will receive email correspondence, containing 2 health logs that you will need to complete so that we can begin looking at your habits and routines. Your DNA kit will arrive in the mail and your lab requisition will arrive via email. We will use this information to create a plan that is specific to you. You will have access to your physician and/or Health Coach throughout each month for any guidance and questions.

DNA is not sold to other companies and is deidentified, thus protecting you. We take the utmost care to protect your private information.