What We Do at Encompass 360-Genetic and Biochemistry Coaching


In addition to coaching on all aspects of health and wellness (sleep, exercise, stress reduction, nutrition, etc), our mission is to optimize you by examining your genetics and unique biochemistry. This is an approach that you will NOT FIND in traditional primary care.

We can accomplish your optimization in several ways: 1. A comprehensive lab evaluation that examines up-to-date cardiac biomarkers, lipids, omega fatty acids, vitamin levels, and assessment of liver function, complete blood count, and others. 2. A detailed genetic analysis and interpretation of 700,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that allows us to tailor a unique approach to your health based on any genetic disadvantages you may have. 3. Functional nutritional assessment utilizing biochemistry testing from Genova Diagnostics (the NutrEval test and Metabolomix+ test). This testing allows us to examine how well your “biochemical machinery” works and if you need supplements that boost defective enzymes and other processes. 4. Gut testing utilizing the GI Effects and Microbiomix test from Genova Diagnostics. With the increasingly recognized connection between gut health and heart and brain health, this test is very important as an optimization tool.  5. Methylation assessment-a genetic test of how well your biochemistry works to make methyl donors, the key to turning genes on and off, making neurotransmitters, building and repairing your DNA, and many other vital functions. 6. Epigenetic analysis using the Epigenetic Test Kit from TruDiagnostic. This allows us to determine your biological age and gives us a plethora of information about how to create a healthspan approach for you.

We tailor our approach to your optimization based on your needs. At a minimum, patients receive comprehensive blood work and DNA analysis. Patients wishing to go further with their health and wellness may opt for the other assessment strategies we offer.

The main thing that makes us unique is our coaching. It’s one thing to order a bunch of fancy tests. It’s another to coach patients on the results on a regular basis and teach them the details and how to use the results to better their health.

Our goal is to educate you on your results and help you make you your best version.

The following is just a glimpse of the types of testing we do…and I can’t emphasize this enough: You WON’T get this type of testing in your provider’s office. You just won’t.



Measuring Metabolism





In order to optimize your health and wellness and help you create a long, healthy life (healthspan) we delve into your genetics and unique biochemistry, determine where any disadvantages are, and help you develop a plan to overcome them, and put you on a path to enhance who you are designed to be.

All of this is the basis of what’s called precision medicine. DNA-based precision medicine looks at who YOU are and determines how to optimize you on an individual level based on your DNA and unique characteristics. It’s aimed at looking at the genetic hand you were dealt and optimizing your health and wellness. It has as its aim the prevention of disease. “Modern medicine” is very reactive and waits until symptoms occur. Precision medicine attempts to be proactive, keep you healthy, and keep you out of the healthcare system. Consider us guardians of your metabolism, biochemistry, and genetics….kinda like your wellness super heroes 🙂







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