A fundamental question you might have is what does this concept mean and where does it fit in to the already established medical community? Genomics-based, precision medicine is an emerging, newer philosophy of medicine in which a patient's own genes and DNA are analyzed and used to develop personalized patient recommendation and treatment plans. The fundamental differences between traditional medicine and precision medicine are the focus on health optimization, genetic analysis and optimization, disease prevention, and creation and implementation of a longevity protocol. Traditional medicine typically lacks all of these things. The key difference is in the approach to the patient: precision medicine recognizes every patient is different, and treatment recommendations should be individualized and not based on population-based studies.

Encompass 360’s approach to health involves an in-depth look at a patient’s genetics in order to optimize their health, analyze all of their genetic advantages, predispositions, and disadvantages, and increase longevity. After combining the results of DNA analysis with the results of a detailed battery of blood tests, epigenome, microbiome, and lifestyle risk factors, a detailed, personalized treatment strategy is created for each patient.  Specific recommendations are made regarding sleep, exercise, and diet/nutrition as part of a personalized health optimization plan.

In addition to detecting and evaluating your risk factors for disease, we can also run specific tests to determine your biologic age, i.e. how much DNA damage you may have incurred over the course of your life.  We can then work to reverse biologic age and DNA damage.  Our focus on you as a patient, an individual, is to look at how you eat, how you sleep, your risk factors for disease, and your overall wellness in order to create a longevity protocol that fits your needs and leads to a long and healthy life.