Precision medicine is carried out for individual patients by utilizing a special DNA report, an artificial intelligence algorithm, in which the patient’s genetic results, blood work, and health/life questionnaire are run through a software algorithm, developed by physicians at Wild Health and other M.D., PhDs, data scientists, and engineers. The DNA report provides to the patients a 30-50 page color handout describing the results of their blood work, DNA analysis, and risk factor assessment.  A careful verbal review of the report results is provided and specific, personalized recommendations are made for each patient to help them achieve their goals. The key to success is combining DNA and lab results with patient interactions, either live or through telehealth, video meetings.

Steps once you choose & sign up for a plan:

  1. Once you select the membership tier, you will be prompted to enter your personal information, billing details, and credit card information. You will see a button to purchase the DNA kit and optional DNA biological age kit from our affiliate partner, Wild Health. They will send you your DNA kit with specific instructions on how to collect and send back in the mail. Please be aware that the box your DNA collection kit comes in will already be self-addressed and will be the same one you use to mail back to Wild Health. So please don’t tear open the box when you receive it. Once received from Wild Health, your DNA results will be uploaded to your patient portal.
  2. Once your DNA results are received by Wild Health, you will receive a detailed health questionnaire. Please complete this as soon as possible. Results of this questionnaire will be incorporated into your health report and will serve as a starting framework for helping Encompass 360 optimize your health and wellness.
  3. Once you sign up with Encompass 360 you will receive several emails from us. One of the first emails will be a welcome email with a detailed explanation of how our process works and what you can expect.
  4. You will receive an email from Encompass 360 regarding the collection of blood work that will need to be obtained from you in order to maximize the usefulness of your health report. This blood work, combined with the results of DNA, will help us individualize and optimize your care. There will be a lab requisition form sent to you by email. Lab costs are covered by the initial deposit that you make.
  5. Once your DNA, lab results, and your health questionnaire are received, they will all be uploaded to your patient portal.
  6. Someone from Encompass 360 will reach out to you to schedule your first appointment. This will be a telehealth, video conference.
  7. At this appointment we will discuss your results and generate a health optimization and longevity program that is specific for you. Encompass 360 will develop a short and long-term plan for you and will individualize your health and wellness plan.
  8. Patients are welcome and encouraged to message Encompass 360 with questions. In addition, we are very focused on patient education, and we will be sending you information about details that we learn from your health report. Our job is educating YOU about how you can be the best version of yourself.