Welcome to the new Encompass 360 blog!

This has been in the works for a while, and we are finally ready to release our brand-new educational blog. This blog will be dedicated to all things health and wellness, with a particular focus on DNA-based precision medicine (using a patient’s DNA to optimize their health, wellness, and longevity). Please let us know if you have any topics that you would like covered.

This blog will be pure education, and will be designed to help you understand how we utilize genetic information to make you your best version of yourself.

Who Are We?

Encompass 360 is a DNA-based health and wellness clinic that uses your DNA to optimize YOUR genetics and biochemistry. By utilizing specific, detailed testing of your biochemistry, combined with an analysis of approximately 700,000 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), we optimize who you are and the genetic hand you were dealt.



Encompass 360 is a genomics-based, precision medicine clinic that aims to take care of you, the individual patient.  We realize that treating you as a piece of the larger population is not an effective way to take care of you.  By knowing your genetic makeup, the results of extensive blood work, and by understanding your health background and preferences, we can precisely go after and treat, even prevent, disease before it ever happens.  We believe that you are a unique individual, and to truly know how to help you optimize YOUR health and give YOU life-long longevity outcomes, we really need to know your genetic information.  We recognize that we are all different.  Shouldn’t any approach to making YOU better start with an understanding of what YOU are made of?


Traditional medicine commonly fails to address the complete care of patients.  In general, the majority of its emphasis is on the treatment of chronic, established disease and not on prevention of disease and making patients’ lives truly better. There is often times a lack of emphasis on disease prevention and not much of a focus on health optimization and longevity. The general formula, with the exception of some preventive medicine, is to treat disease X when it is detected and already adversely affecting the patient.  Patients have become increasingly frustrated with this approach, and they are looking for alternatives or adjuncts to address health optimization and longevity. It should be noted that genomics-based, precision medicine does not aim to replace traditional medicine.  It aims to be a vital supplement to medical culture and to allow primary care physicians an additive approach to enriching the lives of their patients.



First of all, we are complimentary to the current healthcare paradigm. Encompass 360 is not a replacement for your primary care provider or for any of the services that they provide. We work with primary care providers to help them achieve the highest level of health optimization and longevity that they can for their patients. In addition, our aim is to develop strong relationships with primary providers and to refer patients to them when we detect a medical condition in need of treatment. Our focus is on health optimization aided by a knowledge of your genetic composition.

We are not a band-aid approach to healthcare. We take a different approach in that we don’t wait on and chase symptoms. We tackle risk factors, some of them silent, head on and optimize your unique genetics and biochemistry.


The blog will be our platform to educate you on all aspects of DNA-based health and wellness.

Just a few of the topics will include:

  • How we use your DNA to determine what disadvantages you might have and how to optimize those disadvantages
  • Epigenetics and how to use nutrition to turn on and off certain genes (nutrigenomcs)
  • The latest and greatest in blood biomarkers for cardiovascular event prevention
  • How to use supplements to overcome genetic disadvantages
  • How to biohack your body to achieve optimum health and wellness
  • Determing your biological age and how to reduce it
  • How to create healthspan (a long and health lifespan)
  • Optimization of mitochondrial dysfunction and brain health
  • The relationship of sleep to disease and how to optimize sleep
  • And multiple other aspects of health, wellness, and longevity

We are also in the process of developing a podcast that will be devoted to DNA-based precision healthcare.

Get ready….lots of great stuff coming!