Trial Run Program

Cotton swab and DNA test tube, macro image of medical equipment in hands of healthcare professional

Not Ready to Commit to a Monthly Membership?

We have developed the Trial Run to allow patients to have a comprehensive laboratory and DNA assessment performed without having to sign up for a monthly plan. Anyone who registers for this tier is eligible to upgrade to a monthly patient care program if they wish.


What You Will Get as Part of the Trial Run Program:

  • DNA test kit (750,000 genetic variants)
  • Full DNA report with actionable items on diet/nutrition, exercise, sleep, supplements, and longevity
  • Full lab panel, including comprehensive biomarker risk assessment
  • 1-hour consultation to review your labs and DNA and provide initial coaching and actionable items.

*Total costs for this program: $949.00

*Our lab panel includes cutting-edge risk assessment tools for inflammation, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and sudden death. 

*The DNA test kit uses a simple cheek swab collection process

Results from the DNA report allow us to provide you with specific advice (based on your unique DNA) on how to support your health, wellness, and longevity. Your registration fees cover all labs, a DNA kit from Apeiron, a comprehensive DNA assessment report, and a one-hour consultation to review results and discuss an initial action plan. There is no program like this in the Tri-Cities area! Remember, the path to optimal health, wellness, and longevity begins with your DNA.

Please email us with any questions: